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Review Statement

All articles submitted to the Editorial Board are subjected to the peer-review procedure, which should ensure the strict selection of author’s manuscripts and the provision of specific recommendations for their improvement. Through peer review, an objective assessment of the content of a scientific article and its compliance with the requirements of the journal is determined, and a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages is carried out. The journal publishes only those articles that have scientific value and contribute to the solution of сurrent problems and tasks of economic development. The reviewer has ethical obligations in accordance with the editorial policy of the periodical.
The purpose of the review procedure is to respect the academic virtue and coordinate and maintain the balance of interests of authors, readers, the Editorial board and reviewers.
The Editorial Board pursues the policy of double blind review. The Editorial Board provides information concerning the manuscript (in particular, information about its receipt, content, review process, criticism of reviewers and final conclusion) to no one except the authors and reviewers. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in the case of a statement of inaccuracy or falsification of materials.
Responsibility for copyright infringement and failure to comply with the existing standards in the materials of the article rests with its author. The author and the reviewer are responsible for the accuracy of the facts and data presented, the validity of the conclusions and recommendations made, and the scientific and practical level of the article.