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№ 3/2017

№ 3/2017

Nauk. pr. NDFI 2017 (3): 36–52



1SESE "The Academy of Financial Management"
OrcID ID : https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1823-7618

Admission for capital participation of foreign investors in soe’s equity

The article is devoted to studying the problems of access of foreign investors to participation in the capital of public companies. The main directions for regulation of foreign investments in the privatization process in developed countries are outlined. World best practice of using the public regulation tools for foreign investor participation in the privatization is analyzed. The features of access regulation for foreign capital in the areas of strategic national interest are identified. It is emphasized that a systematic approach to the participation of private capital in SOEs across countries is very different. Regulation rules for investment property are established. Limited majority foreign ownership in at least one area is set. It is emphasized that the strategy of attracting foreign investors to participation in the capital of the state enterprises should be based on principles of upholding national interests; but at the same time it should combine the elements of investor protection to increase the investment attractiveness of investment objects. At the same time, it is noted that creation of special incentives and providing certain privileges to foreign investors are not appropriate, because it could violate the competitive conditions between foreign and national capital.

Keywords:state-owned enterprise, foreign investor, foreign direct investment, privatization, share

JEL: F21, R42

Kornieieva I. . Admission for capital participation of foreign investors in soe’s equity / I. Kornieieva // Наукові праці НДФІ. - 2017. - № 3. - C. 36-52.

Article original in Ukrainian (pp. 36 - 52) DownloadDownloads :580
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